Tea with various additives.

Miraculous effect of tea depend not only on the variety and type, but also on the correctness of its preparation. It would seem that could be easier: fill the tea leaves with boiling water and after five minutes all is ready, but it is not. The art of brewing tea is a whole ceremony, which determines the taste and properties of the beverage. Traditional black, red, green teas are simple in cooking and not time-consuming, but blended teas, collected from several varieties with addition of fruits or berries, require a more careful approach.

Now these magical mixture can be found in any “tea shop”, but you can prepare yourself. To do this, you need to collect the necessary ingredients, prepare them: wash, dry, and some of them – to pound, then boil, brew and enjoy the divine drink. And if you do not know how to do this – it’s not a problem!

Berries. For tea are usually used dried berries, which give the drink not only the unique taste and aroma, but also fill with vitamins and nutrients.
Raspberry, cherry, currant are rich in vitamin C, so indispensable for both prevention and treatment of colds.
Blackberry, cranberry, wild rose are rich in trace elements, soothe, relieve headaches.
Strawberry – has diuretic properties, is rich in carbohydrates.
Blueberries – useful for vision.

Fruit. The taste of tea can be a bit lost on the background of a fruit flavor, but this is just the first impression, the second, the third sip – you will understand that the added pieces, on the contrary increase the taste of tea. Pieces of fruit saturate the tea drink with acids and are used for medicinal purposes.
Citrus – in addition to the content of vitamin C, are rich in ascorbic and citric acids.
Apples – contain malic acid and pectin, which is helpful during a medical diet.
Pineapple – helps burn fat.

Spices. Basically, all the spices help to improve appetite, stabilize pressure, blood circulation, raise hemoglobin, as well as give the tea an extraordinary taste and rich aroma. Into the tea beverage are added currant leaves, raspberry, jasmine, linden, bergamot, rose petals, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, hibiscus, cardamom, star anise, mint, cumin.

All these ingredients are well combined not only with a variety of teas, but also among themselves. Now that you are aware of the possible ingredients of tea, you can easily gather from them your unique and exquisite drink.